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You may want to prepare taxes online if you are like most Americans who rank tax preparation and filing taxes as one of the top things they hate to do. We all know there is no way of getting around filing taxes though, it’s a necessary evil in our lives. More frequently taxpayers are choosing to get the task done painlessly and save time and money online.With advances in technology and widespread access to the internet, filing taxes has become a less painful task. Why? With about ninety-nine percent of all tax forms available digitally you no longer are forced to journey to the local post office, library or tax office to get the most recent forms and tax schedules. Every thing needed to prepare your taxes can be found online.In growing numbers Americans are electronically filing (e-filing) federal and state tax returns through online online tax services or software, receiving the full benefits of advancing technology. The numbers bear this out, in 2003 53 million or almost half of all tax returns were filed electronically of these approximately 12 million were done online, these numbers have been rapidly climbing since.In terms of efficiency when you prepare taxes online via e-filing is a great option not only for you the taxpayer but also the Internal Revenue Service and local governments as well. The Internal Revenue Service reports a rejection rate of about 20 percent of all paper tax returns filed. In contrast less than 1 percent of tax returns e-filed were reported rejected due to errors. Partially citing the efficiency of e-filing Congress has mandated that in 2007 the IRS facilitate e-filing of 80 percent of all filed tax returns.Tax payers have been buying tax preparation software in record numbers and using it to prepare their taxes online. Statistics compiled by the NPD Group in a survey during the 2002 tax season reveal that over 204 million dollars was spent on retail tax preparation programs compared to 180 million dollars spent the year before. However, to keep your tax preparation software up to date with changes in tax codes, laws, schedule and forms , upgrades are necessary from year to year. Their may also be an extra cost to file state tax returns electronically.Filing online will eliminate these added expenses. You can find that the right tax preparation service will help you file your taxes online not only at an affordable price, but very securely and will protect your financial and personal information with the latest technology and the strictest privacy terms.The added benefit of being able to consult with a real person concerning your taxes can not be minimized, it is something you should look for. Quick refunds are usually available also, sometimes the same day. You can save money and time when you find the right tax service and prepare taxes online.

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